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Estonia's Saku starts large-scale export to Russia

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Estonian beverage house Saku Olletehas started the large-scale export of its output to Russia this fall, and the new export agreement is one of the largest for Saku in recent years, Saku Olletehas Board Member Jaan Harms said LETA/BNS.

"Since September, we have delivered close to 100 containers to Russia already, and our flagship brand Saku Kuld has been well received as the only Estonian beer by buyers at one of the Russian retail chains with the largest span," Harms said. 

He said that with said agreement, Saku significantly increased its export volumes and the eastern market has emerged as one of the biggest export markets for the company.

Harms said that as Saku Olletehas needs to face off the crisis caused by the pandemic and its impacts, the focus on export is more important than usual this year. In spring, tourism and purchases by Finns disappeared almost completely, and leaving aside a small pause in the summer the situation is again the same now. In addition, the domestic hotel, restaurant and catering (HoReCa) sector has taken a blow due to the restrictions.

Export orders on the existing export markets meanwhile have remained on the previous level. 


Saku Olletehas concluded a two-year agreement on export with the Russian reseller with the help of Kredex Krediidikindlustus, credit insurance arm of Kredex.

The CEO of the credit insurer, Erki Aamer, said that cooperation with Saku Olletehas is a good example of credit insurance helping businesses get a foothold in new markets.

"Uncertainty in the economy is big at present and businesses are due to face further payment difficulties. This always means also new windows of opportunity to grab market share or enter a new market. Credit insurance allows to hedge against the risks arising in a changing market situation and direct sales to a path of growth," Aamer said. 

In 2019, exports accounted for 39.6% of total sales by Saku Olletehas. The most important export markets for the company are the countries situated around the Baltic Sea, but also Iceland, Germany, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Switzerland. The more faraway markets where it is selling its products are China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Australia.

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