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Landsbergis: Lithuania to declare state of emergency if people fail to obey lockdown

Landsbergis: Lithuania to declare state of emergency if people fail to obey lockdown


The Lithuanian parliament could declare a state of emergency if people failed to follow the lockdown restrictions imposed by the government to get the spread of COVID-19 under control, Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said, cites LETA. "If it is decided, or more precisely, if there is a need, if the numbers do not fall and the public fail to come to the understanding that the situation has to be taken seriously, then the Seimas could be asked to impose additional restrictions," Landsbergis, the chairman of the conservative Homeland Union–Lithuanian Christian Democrats, the biggest party in the parliament, said in an interview with BNS.

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Tikhanovskaya calls on Lithuania to impose sanctions on Belaruskali

Tikhanovskaya calls on Lithuania to impose sanctions on Belaruskali


Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya has called on the Lithuanian government to consider sanctions against Belaruskali if the Belarusian state-owned fertilizer producer continues to persecute its employees for protesting against Alexander Lukashenko's regime.

Following a leap in the third quarter, wage growth will decelerate as a result of the prolonged COVID-19 crisis

Following a leap in the third quarter, wage growth will decelerate as a result of the prolonged COVID-19 crisis


According to the data compiled by the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia, the average monthly gross wage increased by 5.9% year-on-year in the third quarter as part of the containment measures were eased and the economic activity was recovering. However, the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic presents new challenges to the labour market, and this might have implications for wage developments at the end of the year.

The third quarter recorded GDP growth, albeit amid rising concerns

The third quarter recorded GDP growth, albeit amid rising concerns


Following the COVID-19 outbreak in spring, the third quarter was more favourable for the economy. We already knew this from the GDP flash estimates published a month ago (although the estimates suggested less pronounced growth) and from other data.

People have become more prudent in their consumption habits

People have become more prudent in their consumption habits


Data from Statistics Estonia put Estonian GDP down 1.9% over the year in the third quarter, but up 3.3% on the previous quarter. This performance is better than that outlined in the baseline forecast scenario and is closer to that in the positive scenario. The statistics available so far show that the fall in GDP in Estonia in the third quarter was among the smallest in the European Union, but not much different from the results for other Northern European countries.


Vasiliauskas: Cherry-picking banks to face competition from smaller market players

The recent mergers of commercial banks in the Baltic States as well as withdrawal of some foreign banks have led to higher market concentration, yet opened the door to smaller market participants and alternative finance providers. The competitive environment in the financial sector will be discussed today at the virtual meeting of the Governors of the Baltic central banks.


Euromonitor International: Coronavirus Increases Demand for Autonomous Vehicles

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had a significant impact on the mobility sector, with more commuters opting for personal transportation due to health concerns. Moreover, changing shopping habits with a greater focus on e-commerce are changing the landscape for both retail and logistics. These factors are influencing consumer and business demand for autonomous vehicles, although financially struggling automotive companies might find it difficult to meet this demand.


Summer has affected the labour market positively, but autumn is here

In response to the current spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, a national state of emergency was declared on 9 November 2020. Against this background, it may seem inappropriate to speak about improvements in the labour market. However, while overall the pandemic has undoubtedly affected the labour market negatively, it has shown strong resilience to this impact.


Madis Müller: The new wave of the pandemic will mean state support needs to be provided flexibly

Governor of Eesti Pank Madis Müller said in a presentation at a conference on accounting on Thursday that the second wave of the pandemic crisis will cause new uncertainty in the economy, which means that rather than increasing its fixed costs, the state should be flexible in the coming year and give most help to sectors that need it in the short term.


Eight-toothed spruce bark beetle and two-toothed crisis in manufacturing

We could say that overall the performance of the manufacturing sector was "kind of good" in the third quarter. Despite the COVID-19 shock and the easing, not lifting of the restrictions during the summer months, accelerated growth was observed in quarterly terms, i.e. 7.4% in comparison with the second quarter. Data also show a slight increase over the third quarter of 2019.


Let’s All Celebrate. Biden Won, Trump Lost

What an amazing victory! Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won more votes than any elected ticket in American history. They already crossed the necessary threshold of 270 electoral votes, and are in their way to match Trump’s 2016 total of 306 electoral votes majority.


It is too early yet to say how the second wave of the virus will affect the labour market

Unemployment rose to 7.7% in the third quarter from 7.1% in the previous quarter as people returned to the labour market. The number in employment was higher too than in the previous quarter, and the rise exceeded the usual seasonal summer increase.


Summer brings a rebound in economic activity: will it last?

Against the background of the second wave of the pandemic, good news might sound like an echo from the past or another reality, and it may seem almost inappropriate to speak about growth. However, following its slowdown in the second quarter, economic activity was expected to recover in the third quarter when the social restrictions were relaxed. This was also suggested by the available monthly data, for example, the dynamics of the manufacturing output, turnover changes in the trade subsectors, exports of goods, the first-time registration of vehicles, as well as the sentiment survey data.


When the Impossible is Possible

Having been engaged in lending for over a decade, one of the most common questions I hear sounds pretty much the same every time. The question is: what is needed in order to receive financing from the bank for business development or the implementation of a new project?


About Mobilizing Americans in the Baltic Region to vote

This is a series of three articles covering the upcoming presidential election in the US on November 3, 2020. We sat down with Elena Romanov, the Chair of Democrats Abroad in the Baltic States, to discuss her role in getting overseas Americans to vote, along with her views of the upcoming election.

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