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Saunum has set its sights on German, Swedish markets for 2021

BC, Tallinn, 18.12.2020.Print version
The goal for Saunum Group, which made its debut on the First North market of Nasdaq Baltic on Friday, is to try and make it to the markets of Germany and Sweden in 2021, CEO Henri Lindal said on December 18th, cites LETA/BNS.

The company already exports its products to Finland and Russia. It sees also Poland as a potential important market and has negotiations underway with about five more markets, Lindal told BNS.

The company's plans for the future are mainly to do with rapid growth and development. The first thing is to complete the development of automatics in 2021 and start with the registration of the third patent, including in America and Asia.

The chairman of the supervisory board of Saunum Group, Andrus Vare, said that where most manufacturers of sauna products manufacture classical heaters or automatics, they possess a technology which enables to harmonize the temperature in a sauna, control ventilation and transform one's sauna into a salt chamber, for instance.

When asked about potential foreign investors, Lindal said that everything depends on the speed at which the company will grow and how soon it will need additional capital. 

"It is clearly too early to say this now, we just raised money," he said, adding that the company will keep its focus on foreign markets.

Speaking about development activity, Lindal said that there are things among Saunum's existing patents which have not been developed yet, but for which they have solutions.

Vare added that for a company keen on expanding globally, international patents and the Nasdaq brand are good credentials everywhere. 

As regards potential hiring of staff, Lindal said that one person is about to join the company from the new year and there is no plan to hire more people, as they just hired five. Rather, further hirings are due in 2022. 

Speaking of the impacts of the coronavirus crisis, Lindal said that the crisis affected their company more in spring than it is affecting now. On the upside, Vare pointed out that due to the crisis 

Saunum was able to hire very good and experienced specialists on the market whom their employers would have never let go under other circumstances. 

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