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Estonia: Online shopping rising along with spread of coronavirus

BC, Tallinn, 18.12.2020.Print version
With the coronavirus on the rise once more during the final quarter of the year, the number of online shoppers has notably increased in nearly all product groups, it appears from the latest study of trends in online commerce conducted by pollster Kantar Emor, writes LETA/BNS.

Results of the study carried out in December show that the product groups with the largest number of online shoppers are currently electronics, perfumery and cosmetics with over half of Estonia's residents aged 15-74 having bought a product online from these groups over the past month.

"This is an unprecedented situation as there is now more than one product group in which online shopping exceeds the magical 50 percent," Kersten Jogi, shopper behavior expert at Kantar Emor, said. "While online electronics purchases gained rapid impetus during the spring emergency situation and also remained high during the summer months, the biggest growth in the purchases of perfumery and cosmetics has only occurred lately, and Christmas shopping has an important role in this," Jogi said.

Broken down by products groups, both online and regular shopping has increased in the purchasing of books, pharmaceuticals and electronics. Online shopping has increased in the product groups of sports goods, perfumery and footwear.

The study of trends in online commerce was conducted among over 1,000 residents of Estonia aged 15-74 from Dec. 10 to 16, 2020.

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