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Rail Baltic rolling stock depot to be designed by Reaalprojekt, Nord Projekt in Estonia

BC, Tallinn, 16.12.2020.Print version
The joint tender submitted by OU Reaalprojekt and Nord Projekt AS in the amount of 1.86 million euros won the design tender announced in September for the Rail Baltic rolling stock depot to be built in the rural municipality of Rae near Tallinn, informs LETA/BNS.

Six bidders competed in the design tender for the rolling stock depot. The project manager responsible for the winning bid comes from AF Infrastructure AB Sweden, Rail Baltic Estonia said.

The Ulemiste rolling stock depot is intended for servicing Rail Baltic's 1435 mm gauge passenger rolling stock. The rolling stock depot will primarily be used for the repair and maintenance of trains the final terminal of which is the RB Ulemiste joint terminal.

At the same time, the depot must be ready to provide maintenance and repair services to the rest of Rail Baltic's train fleet running on the same track gauge.

The depot will be able to simultaneously accommodate seven trainsets. According to the operation plan, 26 high-speed trains and 16 regional trains will start operating on the infrastructure.

The Ulemiste rolling stock depot must enable the parking of the passenger train fleet and the performance of other necessary functions. As part of the depot building, the designer will also be responsible for the design of the traffic control center, administrative building as well as warehouses, technical rooms and other services necessary for servicing the depot.

In addition, seven pairs of rails will be designed as part of the rolling stock depot, which are necessary for parking the rolling stock. In order to perform the design contract, the involvement of an architect is also required, who must find a architectural appearance for the depot that is suitable for all parties.

The rolling stock depot will be designed in several stages and construction works are planned to start in the first half of 2022.

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