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Minimum floor space at schools should be 3 m2 per pupil, teachers will have to wear masks

BC, Riga , 25.11.2020.Print version
Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the government decided on harsher restrictions in education and sports, as agreed by the Cabinet and the Crisis Management Council, writes LETA.

Starting from November 30, schools will have to ensure that the minimum floor space per pupil in classrooms is 3 square meters.

Epidemiologists explained that children in the age group of 10-12 show a steep increase in Covid-19 incidence, and Covid-19 outbreaks with a high number of pupils have been recorded in education institutions. Therefore, education institutions are still at high Covid-19 risks.

Teachers will be required to wear masks in classrooms and outside classrooms.

Practical training in adult education, higher education institutions and vocational schools, were remote learning is not possible, it will have to be organized in groups of no more than ten people and taking all the necessary precautionary measures, including physical distancing.

Restrictions will be increased also on sports clubs, with only individual workouts in the presence of one coach allowed at indoor facilities. The sports clubs will be required to provide at least 15 square meters of floor space per person and the number of people at a sports facility will not be allowed to exceed 20% of its capacity.

Entertainment-related services will have to be provided remotely and rehearsals of amateur musicians and artists will have to end by 22:00, according to the ministry's proposals.

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