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Broadcasting watchdog fines RigaTV 24 with EUR 10,500 for illegal pre-election campaign

BC, Riga , 29.09.2020.Print version
The National Electronic Mass Media Council (NEPLP) has fined TV Latvija electronic mass media for violations of pre-election campaign law on RigaTV 24 program, writes LETA.

In the time period between July 7 and August 8, hidden pre-election campaign has been detected in TV program Nacionalo Interesu Klubs (Club of National Interest), representing two political forces Honor to Serve Riga (GKR) and Development/For/Progressives (APP) in a dominating way, failing to ensure that all political forces are represented equally. The administrative fine for this violation has been set at EUR 5,000.

Hidden pre-election campaign has also been detected in the time period between August 1-15 in the same TV program in the way of excessive display of APP and GKR symbols. Fines worth EUR 3,500 and EUR 2,000 have been imposed.

At the same time, NEPLP has closed the administrative case on TV program Dr.Apinis of July 13 anchored by Riga City Council candidate Peteris Apinis on RigaTV 24.

As reported, NEPLP earlier fined Baltkom Radio with EUR 11,400 for illegal pre-election campaign.

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